Working Together For a Better Tomorrow


Founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist Ryan Long, the City Summit has been an industry-leading resource for socially minded business owners. Holding some of the biggest networking events every year, City Summit and City Gala have featured celebrity guest speakers including Ashton Kutcher, Colin Farrell, John Travolta, Matthew McConaughey, and more. A percentage of revenue always goes towards select non-profit ventures, with Rock Against Trafficking as a primary beneficiary.


A By-Artists-For-Artists record company, PennyFly Entertainment was founded on one core principal: giving the music industry back to the artists. As Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars said while enduring an endless legal battle with EMI for tens of millions of dollars, “I’m not anti record label, I’m anti-greed”. PennyFly Entertainment offers signing structures for artists and projects unlike any other label in the industry while representing a vast network of relationships with the industry’s top PR firms, digital marketers, radio promotors, distributors, playlist curators, tour agencies, event planners, music/film producers, and more — PennyFly’s marketing strategists have worked with the worlds top selling artists, formulating and executing countless successful campaigns for major labels. Unlike traditional 360 deals where the label owns all of the rights, majority profits, and final say in their client’s business operations, PennyFly does not adhere to any of these practices with Rock Against Trafficking.


Revolutionizing the concept of crowdfunding, StarCrowd is the future of artist development driven by fans. Thanks to the passing of a new securities law, donors to a properly structured kickstarter campaign can now receive a percentage of equity in the artist — this results in future royalty payouts for fans who are now considered direct investors in the artist’s career. StarCrowd takes this concept to the next level with a groundbreaking TV series that allows artists to perform their best original music while raising crowdfunding investment in front of an industry expert panel featuring Poo Bear, Gary Miller, and several more to be announced. Rock Against Trafficking is proud to be the charity beneficiary for the TV series and will be receiving a portion of the show’s proceeds as a result.


An accomplished record producer, songwriter, composer, and guitarist, Gary Miller is a renowned industry veteran with a variety of popular credits including serving as Musical Director on George Michael’s Faith Tour in 1989 and producing artists like David Bowie, Donna Summer, and Lionel Richie. Gary worked for the London production house Stock Aitken Waterman (Cher’s “Believe”, Enrique Iglesias’ “Hero”), and eventually founded Rock Against Trafficking by personally curating top artists to lead the efforts to fight the reality of child sex slavery.


Saving Lives Through Powerful Collaboration

Rock Against Trafficking exists to raise awareness and funding through the power of music. We pass these funds on to our network of reputable beneficiaries who specialize in putting boots on the ground in strategic operations to save the lives of children held in captivity. We encourage you to take a moment to learn more about these rescue efforts first hand by visiting their websites and reviewing their impact reports. Rock Against Trafficking will be releasing our very own impact reports following the debut release of the “Set Them Free” album.