(The Police Cover Song) featuring GLENN HUGHES 

Rock Against Trafficking is a non-profit benefit corporation organized to amplify the power of music to end human trafficking. A coalition of Grammy-winning and national touring artists are collaborating with Rock Against Trafficking on our first compilation album of covers by Sting and The Police to generate worldwide ... 

Human Trafficking Awareness Day is January 11th, 2018


Artists for Trauma stands in alignment with Rock Against Trafficking to Support  & Heighten Awareness through the Power of Entertainment, Music, Arts and as platforms of healing against life altering traumas. 

'The Voice of Rock'

Interview with "The Voice of Rock" Glenn Hughes 2-2-18

For the second time, "The Voice of Rock" Glenn Hughes  made an appearance on the Music Mania Podcast, this time to discuss an  upcoming project that is near and dear to his heart. Hughes recorded a  version of "Roxanne" by the Police for an upcoming album featuring  fellow rock heavy-hitters such as Steven Tyler, Slash and Neal Schon.  The album will be released in April and was put together to raise  awareness for human trafficking, a multi-billion dollar criminal enterprise. "Human trafficking is $150 billion dollars being exchanged between these deviates every year." Hughes explained during his interview. "My job is to let you know, beware."

Hughes is also discussing his  2016 solo album release "Resonate," the latest Black Country Communion  album and his upcoming tour of South America.



About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Rock Against Trafficking, a 501c3 non-profit organization is to bring awareness and to combat global human trafficking through the power and influence of music, the arts and entertainment. By utilizing the medium of art, and music, the universal language, through the pipeline of media technology, with the integration of the celebrity culture, world leaders, captains of industry, and heads of religious and spiritual organizations, our vision to shine a light on a trade that should have been eradicated centuries ago. Our productions in music, concerts, film & television, coupled with the beginnings of the global movement, “Rock Against Trafficking” is the next “We Are the World” or “Live Aid” dedicated to end global human slavery, the second largest criminal syndicate on planet earth.

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day is observed annually on January 11. Beginning in 2010, by Presidential Proclamation, each January has been designated National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.   Following the start of National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, with the help of non-government organizations, National Human Trafficking Day began and is observed annually on January 11.


Thursday, January 11th, 2018 is Human Trafficking Awareness Day.  Please wear blue! Take photos.  Po

What Is Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking is modern-day slavery· and involves the use· of force· , fraud· , or coercion· to obtain· some type· of labor· or commercial sex· act· Every year , millions of men· , women , and children are trafficked in countries around the world , including the United States . It is estimated that human trafficking generates many billions of dollars of profit· per year , second· only to drug· trafficking as the most profitable· form· of transnational crime.

Helping to create awareness!


Human Trafficking, one of the largest crimes, existing in every country of  the world, second only to drugs, goes largely unchecked. A handful of organizations are hard at work rescuing the children, women and men who have become victims of this scourge.

Over  28,000,000 people, many under 15 and even 10 years old, are in  conditions of slavery. This grass roots project, R.A.T. started by rock  producer Gary Miller, is going to be THE engine of change. He is the catalyst to bring major artists together to raise money and bring the universal attention and light of truth that is needed to address and stop this inhumanity. But, as with all great causes, we are building  this on great ideas which need grassroots, basic funding to take off.


If you want to find out more and even better get involved, then contact us for more information. Artists involved in this are: GARY MILLER, SLASH, STING, SANTANA, HEART, JOSS  STONE, NEAL SCHON & ARNEL PINEDA FROM JOURNEY, JULIAN LENNON, GLENN  HUGHES, ANDY FRASER, ENVOGUE, and more....Plus a lot of backstage help.


At this point we need to build the stage to bring this to 7 Billion people’s  attention.... you will have been a part of one of the most important humanitarian efforts in history! 

Many of the songs have already been recorded by the artists involved at Gary’s own personal expense. Now, backed by his non-profit foundation, Gary is in the final stages of production on the last songs for the album and will  be releasing the record in 2018. 

This will be the tool to raise  worldwide wide awareness and funding to effectively address the problem,  with enough resources to create a full solution. A solution to  human trafficking at a global level (and it IS a global problem) must  include governments protecting their citizens, legal help, and after rescue, medical help. Education for those who have known nothing but slavery and abuse. And economic resources to empower these same former  victims to become entrepreneurs, employees, and participants in raising the standards of society.

A victim, once rescued from their  tragedy only remains a victim by their own choices and opportunities. Lack of opportunity whether due to lack of personal health, education,  threats, prejudice or other factors are the reasons the victim remains  in their condition. A return to health and education can change the person’s choices and thereby their ability to contribute to society. With every donation you contribute to actual lives being saved.

All donors will be acknowledged on the jacket and website of the album release.  

There is a short term window to help address and handle this situation. This is going International, but it is the starting stage. 

Help us build ~ AWARENESS!

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