tyler “jett” prescott

founder & ceo of pennyfly entertainment | singer/songwriter

With a successful career as an artist under the alias “Jett Prescott”, receiving offers from Epic and Sony allowed Tyler to see the reality of the industry first-hand, sparking his desire to change it. These experiences resulted in the founding of PennyFly Entertainment with help from the ever-expanding industry network he has continued to cultivate since 2010. PennyFly now works with the top PR firms, playlist curators, marketing strategists, sync licensing agencies, social media teams, and more who are directly outsourced by the major labels. In running a successful full-service digital advertising company for over 8 years, Tyler’s experience coordinating high quality promotional services for businesses across multiple industries proved integral to PennyFly’s early development. Tyler graduated with a B.S. in Cyber Security while focusing heavily on project management, business management, and music.