gabby huguenin

financial advisor

Gabby Huguenin lives what she coaches: high impact and high energy. Gabby is laser focused on assisting individuals and businesses to recapture taxes and protect their assets while building, sustaining, and succeeding with organizations and entrepreneurs alike.

As a long time advocate for out-of-the-box wealth building, Gabby remains extremely passionate, experienced, and focused on success. She has helped clients legally recapture an excess of $600 million in taxable income over the years with 1:1 proven coaching tactics & the support of tremendous licensed counsel, going on to protect over $9.8 billion in assets worldwide.

Gabby is the founder of Legacy Wealth Building and has launched a series of classes that tie directly into her coaching practice, giving her students access to the same circles of influence that have helped her to become successful. Gabby has been able to position ownership in many businesses and ventures throughout the years.

Growing up in a family business that maintained over one-hundred million in assets, Gabby worked in the business herself beginning at age 9 and started her first business at age 17. Having built several revenue streams in her 20’s, she went on to become an accredited investor herself at age 28.

Gabby is personally mentored by multi-millionaires and a billionaire; but most importantly mentors in the field of health as her life mission is to assist our nations youth to lead, live, and leave for their families or charities a legacy of prosperity and wellness. After struggling tremendously with Epilepsy for over a decade and subsequently being fully healed, Gabby is more determined than ever to assist others worldwide.